Friday, May 21, 2010

Perhatian kepada semua Umat Islam..!! pliz take note with this..

kali ni cik tot nk sampaikan sesuatu versi inggeris..
harap korunk sudi baca dan jangan abaikan..

Today is a very challenging day for Muslims around the world..Because today on the INTERNET a few non Muslims are organizing a horrible event..Draw MUHAMMAD (S.A.W), Day..So as Muslims we have to boycott this event..So today, just log off from all socials sites such as: Orkut, Facebook, Twitter, Hi5, and many more..By doing this these people will face a heavy financial loss INSYAALLAH..Its time to show our LOVE and RESPECT for out NABI MUHAMMAd (S.A.W). Please be alert with this text to as many people as you can..I hope we can do at least this much for our Prophet (S.A.W). If you don't believe just go to the CNN website..

Sekian maklumat terkini untuk hari ini..
harap kalian dapat support mende ni..
terima kasih sudi baca info ni..


NAEME said...

hope tis bad ctuation will end..insyaallah..

sugar2 kapas strawberry said...

kita hormat dorg wlu dorg beragama npe mrk jahil sgt ye???

jwb la dorg kt akhirat nti.
Allah nk tjuk bila2 je kn?

btw page ni da xde da kt fb

Roronoa Zoro said...

ada... page nie dah kembali ke facebook.. xpercaya cuba tgok!!

tot tot kecik said...

terima kasih kepada semua yg ambil berat berkaitan hal ni..

page die yg mane ek..?pe yg ade kt page tu..?huhu..

Nur said...

zoro benar.. buka FB dan report je.. ajar ini iblis..